This unique Bible study guide sheds a new light on the Old Testament as its “characters” take their place on the stage.

Perhaps, like me, you have found the Old Testament hard to read. I know that I was lost trying to remember who beget whom. My solution was to enter the basic information into my computer Generations program. As I did this, my study became more enjoyable and easier to understand. I was, at that point, captivated and determined to continue until I compiled this Old Testament family tree. I love Bible study and I love puzzles. This project combined the two and took more than six winters to complete. It was a labor of love and with the help of God I published "The Cast of Characters as recorded in the Old Testament” for others seeking spiritual growth.

This genealogical report of God's "chosen family" is an easy to use reference/study guide. More than thirteen hundred individuals and twelve hundred seventy families make up this extensive family tree. Each tree entry notes the Old Testament book, chapter and verse where that person is first mentioned. Numerous informational notations are included throughout the study as well. Also, there is space to record personal notes and thoughts. The summary of the kings, a handy index, and several reference charts add to the value of this guidebook.

Copyright Rita Kleve 2008 All rights reserved
Published by CrossHouse Publishing, Garland, Texas
Printed by Lightning Source, LaVergne, TN
Cover design by Dennis Davidson